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Orange, Texas is a small city with limited opportunities. There are no malls, no amusement parks, and its
citizens look forward to their futures outside its limits. Hip Hop artist Yung Pooda knew to achieve the career he desired he would have to venture beyond the borders of his native Orange. “You really have to get out of the area to accomplish something,” Pooda says. “Being 10 minutes from Port Arthur, which is the next city over and where UGK is from, I just studied the way they moved and did things.”
That education would lead him to the opportunistic metropolis of Houston and, to the benefit of his
career choice, the release of his smash single “Forever Tippin” - an energetic reinterpretation of the
classic Hip Hop anthem “Still Tippin”. Featuring DJ Chose and produced by Grammy-winning super producers Cool & Dre, Pooda’s reimagined homage to the Mike Jones, Paul Wall, Slim Thug original has generated tremendous results including more than 1 million streams on Spotify and more than 5 million plays of its video on YouTube. “It’s a Texas classic and it’s one of my favorite songs, and I felt like I just wanted to bring it back,” he says. “I wanted to turn it up a notch and put my energy on it.”


A self-confessed country boy, Yung Pooda is galloping successfully though the fields of the recording
industry like a black stallion. With a single listen to any of his hit singles – “Repeat Dat”, “Lies Told”,
“Chicken N Grits” – it’s immediately apparent that Pooda is not horsing around. He makes thoroughbred music, so racing up the charts is a sure bet. When not dashing on a thumping track, Pooda spends his time preparing for the bountiful strides he was raised to take. The product of a musical family with a strong spiritual aura, writing and recording are both intimate traits and blessings of his upbringing.
“My pops had a home studio and he’d record people, and he collected music and would just listen to all
types of CDs, records, and tapes, and he DJ’d,” Pooda says. “Hearing all that at a young age I just took a
liking to it.”

Already a writer at 9-years-old, Pooda started recording and hearing his own voice professionally at 11.
Learning as he grew up and outgrew Orange, his eventual arrival in Houston came with desire,
confidence, recording proficiency, and the lure of the big city streets. Through it all Pooda’s faith
prevailed. Passionate about his music, he began building relationships and a buzz. “I told God I’d put everything I’ve got into music instead of one foot in the music, one foot in the streets,” Pooda says. “As I started doing that, I just had more vision, more ideas, meeting people on all types of levels – music, fashion, promoting - by putting in the grind.” Part of that grind was paying his dues, opening shows for icons Slim Thug and Z-Ro before going on the road with Boosie Baddazz on “The Boopac Tour”.

Now Yung Pooda is a headliner. “It hit me knowing that I have this entrepreneurship about myself, wanting to be a boss, wanting to be an owner, knowing I can use my gift to get in these doors and that I can stay in there longer doing it this way,” he says.